Definition for AGAPE:

Love as revealed in Jesus, seen as spiritual and selfless and a model for humanity or in the New Testament, the fatherly love of God for humans and their reciprocal love for God.

The term extends to the love of one's fellow humans. The Church Fathers used the Greek term to designate both a rite using bread and wine and a meal of fellowship that included the poor. The historical relationship between this meal, the Lord's Supper, and the Eucharist, the meal of fellowship and the sacrament, is uncertain.

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AGAPE distribution throughout the weekends is handled by volunteers.  This allows more people to participate in every weekend.  All of our lives are busy and there may be a time when you would love to help for a weekend but circumstance doesn’t allow you to be on team.  Here is your chance to serve.  Maybe a couple of hours or a day fits your schedule.  There are agape needs for the up coming weekends September/October (Emmaus).

For Emmaus agape contact:  Katrina Dotzel at or phone her at 570-902-9568. 

But first you might be thinking what would I be doing? How can I help? Do they really need my help? YES, YES, and YES

I'll explain how this will work.  One person stays all weekend to coordinate the volunteers. Then many people are needed to sort agape letters, special agape, and table & meal agape items.   Then the volunteers set up breaks, make fourth day packets and deliver agape:

  • General agape letters need to be written to every pilgrim;
  • Special agape should be written to pilgrimsonly if you are asked by the sponsors (this is to insure that all pilgrimsget between 10-12 letters for Sunday).  Otherwise, feel free to send a letter after the weekend to a pilgrim.

Agape is needed for:

  • Table agape for 6 meals;
  • Conference room for 11 talks;
  • Snacks for breaks;

Prayer wheel time slots need to be filled, please sign up and support the walks with prayer!!.

AGAPE is a whole community project.  Everyone can be part of the weekend not just buying or making agape, but also you can be a living agape by helping out during the weekends.