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Reunion Groups Guide
Reunion Group Board Representative: Pastor Michelle Newton  (

Purpose: This "Reunion Group Guide" will answer three (3) questions and will end with a conclusion. Also, a table of local Reunion Groups, identified by our community at "Gatherings", will be provided for your information.

Community members who have a "reunion group" that is not listed may contact me and have it added to the list. Also, if you see a group that is no longer "active", please let me know via email. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in doing GOD'S work.
Reunion Group Guide

Question 1: What is a reunion group?

Answer: A reunion group is a gathering of 2 to 6 people meeting regularly to explore and grow in their piety, study, and action. Group reunions meet at regular times, usually weekly for an hour. The meeting consists of persons' sharing the stories of their walk with Christ during the past week. Let's examine more closely what group reunion members share.

PIETY - How their spiritual life is nourished through scripture, prayer, and the sacraments. One suggestion is for each member of the reunion group ... answer the question: "When did you feel closest to, or furthest from, Christ since the last meeting?"
STUDY - Each member in turn might share what they read which caused them to experience the "A-Ha phenomenon" ... about Jesus, or their brothers and sisters in the LORD or themselves.
ACTION - Each member may share the ways they tried to make JESUS more visible in their environments (home, work, neighborhood, and/or Church congregation).

Fourth-day pilgrims are encouraged to use this web page as a resource to find a reunion group in your area. If a group is not available in your area, start a new reunion group. The "reunion group chairman" will assist you with this mission should you need help ... just contact Pastor Michelle Newton ... or call ... 610-762-3257 ... we can then arrange a time and place to start a new group.

When reunion group members meet for the first time ... they mutually agree on the time and the meeting place. There are many possibilities for the type of reunion group you would like to start. For example, you can have groups of all men, all women, a mixture of both men and women, either married or single, married couples, varied ages. Since there is many variations of the types of reunion group you can startup, the time and place will most likely vary from group to group. Each group establishes a workable meeting place, duration, and frequency. Meetings are usually weekly or bi-monthly and range from one to three hours in length

Question 2: What is the purpose of a reunion group?

Answer: Participation in a reunion group provides a secure holding environment where people can be themselves ... and to open up to be spiritually nourished and inspired. Ongoing participation in a reunion group provides an atmosphere of love, acceptance, support, and a sense of belonging which most of us need to grow personally and spiritually. Their group experience might allow them to uncover and develop their spiritual gifts and receive the support and encouragement from their group to go forward and pursue a call from GOD.

A reunion group is a place where the fourth-day pilgrim can relate their successes and failures in answering the question we are all familiar with and that is ... What will you do in the future with your love of GOD? By sharing what is current in one's faith and lives ... the pilgrims are strengthened and become more open and honest about their faith in JESUS ... among those with whom they come in contact.

Question 3: What is a gathering?

Answer: A "gathering" is a large form of reunion group in which the larger Walk To Emmaus community come together and celebrate their ongoing fourth-day pilgrimage. The gathering reinforces, supports, and encourages the three-day Walk To Emmaus experience.

The gathering is usually held monthly at "Faith Alive" United Methodist Church in Bowmanstown, PA. It's a joyful time that includes singing songs, reading scripture, praying, a lay talk, and sharing in small groups. Usually, there is communion, singing, a witness talk, and refreshments. A gathering is not a substitute for worship, communion, and participation in one's own church.


In conclusion ... participating in a Christian community helps secure a personal relationship with JESUS. If you have a choice, it's not good to be an isolated fourth-day pilgrim ... remember we are all called to be an "apostle" to spread the "good news" of our living, three-dimensional GOD. "Christ is counting on YOU!" We all need the support of other saints and working together do the WILL of GOD ... group reunions are a good medium to do good works which makes us feel GOD'S spirit within us. Many groups give their group reunion a name when starting up ... and gives one a sense of family. Group reunions are an important part of Christian living and participants should make a commitment with each other to attend their group regularly! Please ... join or start a reunion group in your geographic location as soon as possible.